Catherine Bourgeois

About the Yorkshire artist

Catherine Bourgeois, a self taught Yorkshire artist, creates mainly oil paintings on canvas and board as well as other media such as acrylics and pastels.

Catherine's studio is based near Bolton Abbey in North Yorkshire and she has spent the past 8 years refining her artwork and developing her own style.

Vibrant use of colour is a theme seen in most of her major oil paintings.

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Despite drawing and painting all her adult life, it has only been in the past few years that she has been able to spend more time painting, having left a full time career in a completely different field.

With the advantage of a friend and mentor Catherine was encouraged to explore her talent and develop her own style.

Since that time Catherine has done some reproduction work to assist her in developing her techniques, but increasingly Catherine's artwork reflects her own compositions and style.

Every piece of work is special to the artist and many hours are spent making it 'happen'. Much of her inspiration has come from the Expressionist period of painting which suits her love of colour and form.

In Catherine's opinion art is very much in the eye of the beholder and as an artist you must paint what you find pleasing and emotionally stirring, attempting to take the observer with you on your journey to and through the painting.

She feels that a painting should attract your attention each time you enter the room it resides in, thus permanantly rekindling the enjoyment of ownership.